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Scarlett Johansson is the girl that Hugh Hefner wanted to see NUDE more than any other actress. Now is your chance to see what Hef wanted most!
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Mr. Skin

Mr. Skin

Britt Linn Vee Miss March 2014 Playboy Playmate of the Month




Miss March 2014 sports a Miley Cyrus style mohawk.

Posted by Sex and Love editor on Sun, Feb 23, 2014 at 11:01 AM

Playboy serves as a cultural barometer for beauty trends. A surprising number of scholarly studies have tracked the changing measurements, ages, and races of Playmates as a way of studying societal shifts in what we consider beautiful. While the gentlemen’s magazine has broken many cultural barriers, such as featuring African American models during the height of the race wars, Playboy tends to pick Playmates who embody more conservative hallmarks of beauty. In general, most Playmates could be described as curvy fashion models—Victoria Secret-types as opposed to waif-thin runway models. Despite the recent popularity of tattoos and piercings, Playboy rarely features women who have anything more extreme than a naval piercing or a tattoo that is much larger than a sticker. So, when a Playmate diverges from the mold, the public takes notice.

The March 2014 Playmate, Linn Britt, 23, is the first Playmate in 15 years to have short hair. Perhaps even more surprising is Britt’s style of shorthair: she has a mohawk with the sides of her head shaved.
This feminine mohawk has been popularized in recent years by the likes of Rihanna and Miley Cyrus, though it was embraced before these pop icons in the underground circles of adult entertainment by Skin Diamond, Christy Mack, and Joslyn James. Even before that, it was a staple of the grunge rock movement of the 90s and the punk scene of the 80s. In and of itself, the hairstyle is nothing new. What is new is Playboy’s acceptance of such a seemingly edgy look.
Time will tell what this gesture signifies, if anything. Will the hairstyle be accepted in more mainstream circles? Will the feminine mohawk lose popularity among alternative subcultures? Or, will Playboy be open to more alternative forms of beauty when considering Playmates?
411mania Inteview: Playboy’s Miss March Britt Linn
Posted by Steve Gustafson on 03.08.2014411’s Steve Gustafson sits down with Playboy’s Miss March, Britt Linn! She talks about being the newest Playmate, her photo shoot, and what’s next in her career! All this and more inside!

New Jersey-born fashion model Britt Linn is Playboy’s March 2014 Playmate of the Month and the magazine’s first short-haired Playmate in more than 15 years (issue on newsstands and now, with additional photos available one year ago, Britt was working as a surgical technologist when a New York model scout found her on Facebook. “I started modeling in September during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, and bam,” she says, “I’ve been flying by the seat of my pants ever since!” After snagging shoots for Seventeen and Diesel, she booked her Playboy Centerfold and a Vogue Italia editorial on the same day. “I burst into tears of happiness,” Britt says. “I’m pretty competitive, and I thought it’s be cool to be slender enough for high fashion but also curvy enough for Playboy. And I did it!”

As a rising star in the fashion world with a sexy, punk-rock vibe, Miss March describes herself as an approachable “goofball” who likes shooting pool with the boys, throwing back shots of Jack Daniel’s and mellowing out to singer-songwriter Ray LaMontagne.

 photo Britt-Linn-1_zpse7eac734.jpg

Credit Josh Ryan for Playboy
Steve Gustafson: Hi Britt! First, congratulations on being Playboy’s Miss March!! Thanks for taking a few minutes to answer some questions for! I read that just one year ago, you were working as a surgical technologist. Can you tell us about how you got involved with Playboy?

Britt Linn: I got involved with Playboy through Instagram. I was following Josh Ryan, a Playboy photographer, on Instagram and noticed a picture he posted with the caption “Bunny Hunting”. I decided to write a comment on the picture, “Its about time Playboy had a short haired Playmate.” The following week I was in Los Angeles for a test shoot, when I was told I would be Miss March!

Steve Gustafson: Wow! That’s pretty awesome and sure to inspire plenty of girls. How was the photoshoot? Were you nervous? Excited?

Britt Linn: The photoshoot was amazing! It took place in the desert of southern California. I was so excited and really had an amazing set to work on; motorcycles, vintage hotel rooms and an old Chevy truck were all included!

Steve Gustafson: The shoot looked great and had a real cool vibe to it. When you learned that you were going to be Miss March, who was the first person you called?

Britt Linn: When I learned I was going to be Miss March I called my husband crying! I had found out just a few hours earlier that I was going to be in Italian Vogue as well, so the entire day was really overwhelming! I was ecstatic.

Steve Gustafson: Whoa! That’s a powerful one-two punch! So, how has your life changed since since becoming Miss March?

Britt Linn: I do live in New York, modeling fashion, so my life hasn’t changed much, but I have a feeling when I go out to Los Angeles it will. I can say though that I’ve been doing a lot of fun interviews and some random people have definitely come out of the woodwork and want to know how I am doing as of late.

 photo Britt-Linn-2_zps73d713f6.jpg

Credit Josh Ryan for Playboy
Steve Gustafson: I’m sure. What does Miss March like to do for fun and unwind?

Britt Linn: I really am a homebody. I love coming home to my puppy and reading a good book with a glass of wine. After a hectic day in the city, home is the only place I want to be.

Steve Gustafson: Nice. OK, since we cover Movies and TV shows here at 411mania, I have to ask you some related questions. I know you’re busy but do you have any TV shows that you must watch?

Britt Linn: I really love the show New Girl. Zooey Deschanel is so witty and unassuming. I absolutely love her one-liners in response to her roommate on New Girl; she gets me every time.

Steve Gustafson: Very cool. What about going out to the movies? Some of your favorites?

Britt Linn: I do love going to the movies; I think there’s something so cool about sitting down in a quiet room with strangers to experience the same thing together. I really enjoy watching historical movies, fictional and nonfictional alike. I recently went to see Pompeii and though there were a few unlikely scenes, but it was a really great way to experience a piece of history the way the creative team believes it may have happened.

Steve Gustafson: Well said. What’s next? Goals for 2013?

Britt Linn: I’m hoping that 2014 will be a really busy year for me. I signed to my modeling agency last August and things really took off within a few months: I would really love to keep that momentum going and capitalize on any opportunities that may present themselves through Playboy as well as through fashion. I think 2014 may be the year I begin delving into the movie industry as well.

Steve Gustafson: I’ll definitely keep an eye out for you! What’s the best way for fans to keep up-to-date on your career?

Britt Linn: I have a twitter account @missbrittlinn, but I must say I am much better at using Instagram; its become a slight addiction. My Instagram name is also @Missbrittlinn, as well as my Facebook, which I update regularly.

Steve Gustafson: Awesome. Alright, that’s it! Thanks again and all the best to you!

Britt Linn: Thank you so much for the opportunity to answer a few questions!

 photo Playboy-Cover_zpsd9b4e5cb.jpg

Credit Michael Bernard for Playboy.
Britt Linn, formerly of Wantage, is Playboy magazine’s ‘Miss March’. A modeling agent discovered her on Facebook.

WANTAGE — Growing up in the sticks of Sussex County, Britt Linn spent her childhood like any country girl. But the self-described “tomboy” is a far cry away from the country lifestyle. Now a full-time model in New York City, she recently graced the centerfold pages of Playboy as Miss March 2014.
“Growing up in Sussex County was the ideal place,” the 23-year-old former Wantage resident said.
Linn, who uses “Britt Linn” as her modeling name, spent most of her time as an adolescent outside. On the menu of daily activities was hunting, fishing and kayaking. After school, she’d meet up with the neighborhood kids and wander the woods, scaling trees and building treehouses.
“I grew up in a house listening to bluegrass and country,” she said, a taste she still harbors in addition to folk and soul music.
A 2009 graduate of High Point Regional High School, she participated in track and cross country, but was an aesthete as well, dabbling in photography and painting. But sculpture was her favorite medium.
Right before she was to graduate from High Point in 2008, she moved to Florida, where the beaches were inviting and the weather was warm.
However, she became homesick. “I missed home and the small-town vibe,” she said. Plucked out of high school during her senior year, she returned a year later to High Point and graduated in 2009.
With prior experience at a medical group home, she attended Dover Business College, where she studied physical technology. The program was accelerated, and Linn took anywhere between 18 and 21 credits per semester. “I was definitely on the grind during college.”
Afterwards she worked as a surgical technologist, assisting surgeons by taking care of specimens and prepping syringes, among other duties.
But she wouldn’t be assisting in surgeries for long. Eventually, a New York model scout approached her on Facebook. “I wasn’t so sure about it,” said Linn, ever wary of a potential scam. But after doing research on, she discovered the agency was reputable.
“It’s really interesting how people find girls,” she said. With the advent of social media, agencies can now scour the web for just the right look.
Linn made the trip into New York City. The agent “told me I couldn’t leave until I signed,” she said, laughing. He warned that if “you don’t bring (the contract) back, I’m going to hunt you down.”
Linn signed the contract in September 2013, and since then life’s been a whirlwind.
Linn started her career at the height of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York City. Racing to catch up on the curve, she would go home and practice her runway walk. Her efforts proved successful, and she walked five shows.
Following gigs included shoots with “Seventeen” magazine and the design company Diesel.
Like the rocket-propelled start to her modeling career, Linn snagged the Playboy shoot via social media. “Social media has really been my savior,” she said.
A Playboy photographer, Josh Ryan, posted a status on Facebook with the words “bunny hunting.”
Linn replied: “It’s about time Playboy had a short-haired playmate.”
Linn, who stands 5 feet, 10 inches, with green eyes and a sing-song voice, sports auburn hair that’s shaved on the sides, giving her a punk-rock look.
A poster responded that she was pretty, but not Playboy material. Ryan thought otherwise. Linn became the first shorthaired Playmate in more than 15 years.
She was flown out to Los Angeles for a test shoot and stayed at the Playboy Mansion. According to Linn, Hugh Hefner called her “Joisey,” a reference to the stereotypical thick accent everyone outside New Jersey believes residents possess.
The mansion was beautiful, Linn said, “not just the mansion, but the grounds” too, complete with a petting zoo on the premises. Linn had the opportunity to play with spider monkeys during her stay. “It was the coolest thing ever.”
The setting for Linn’s Playboy shoot was the Four Aces Motel, a movie set location about an hour northeast of Los Angeles near Joshua Tree National Park.
For her first nude shoot, Linn said “Josh and I had a chance to talk before the shoot.” Linn had input on her clothing and informed Ryan what she was comfortable and not comfortable with.
“It was my ideal photo shoot,” she said. The process Ryan employed “really eases the tension.”
A typical centerfold Playmate makes $25,000 for a magazine shoot, said Theresa Hennessy, vice president of public relations at Playboy.
The job also comes with additional work opportunities, with the possibility of Linn appearing as a Playmate at future events.
A whiskey-swirling woman, Linn said that while she lives in New York City, her typical Saturday night consists of ordering in and watching movies with her husband, Paul Olczyk, and her puppy, Yoda.
Linn and Olczyk are newlyweds, having married in November.
“It would be cool if I said I go clubbing,” she said, “but that would be a lie.”
Olczyk’s been nothing but supportive of her career, Linn said. “He was really excited” about the Playboy shoot. “I think he was a little surprised when he saw the layout,” she added, noting that things always appear differently in one’s head than in reality.
“(My mother) told me since I was little, people always said I should model,” Linn said. “I was very timid and scared … I don’t think I ever imagined it would really happen.”
But when the wave broke, Linn hopped on for the ride. “It’s a very short window for modeling … I wanted to pursue a dream that I think many girls have.”
Linn’s mother now lives in Warwick, N.Y., and her father is still a resident of Wantage. With life in the city, she said, you have to give up your car for the more convenient mass transit.
Her last visit to Sussex County was in November, and while she makes it out here sparingly she said, “I wish I did more.”


Playboy TV takes you behind the scenes on the shoot of Britt Linn, Miss March 2014.


Playboy Playmate Fan Club Website
Click Here for Playboy Playmate Fan Club Website


14 comments to Britt Linn Vee Miss March 2014 Playboy Playmate of the Month

  • Thanks for the intel. So Playboy has chosen Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus love child to be Miss March 2014?


    LOL, true enough I can see where that’s coming from. But I think she’s beautiful and modern! It’s weird we know who March is but not January or February!


    Ya, well, Justin Bieber is pretty damn effeminate-looking. If you need proof just Google Justin Bieber and then Claire Sinclair and compare Images pages, they look like sisters.

    Claire Sinclair has gone on the record that she should submit her picture to the blog “Lesbians Who Look Like Justin Bieber.”

    Checked the pictures on this Instagram, and if she indeed becomes Miss March 2014 (barring any last-minute second thoughts like that one would-be Playmate last year… Danielle Burt was it?), yes, I certainly see the Miley Cyrus resemblance.

    Seems an odd pick, but these are new times for Playboy, so we’ll see how it turns out when her issue is released.


    I just think she happens to be a girl very much of her time, I think she has a gorgeous face which is actually closer to Denise Richards than Miley Cyrus, actually all you have to do is picture her with long hair and this conversation wouldn’t be happening. I welcome the short hair, diversity is good!


    I just don’t see it! I see one pic where she has abs that appear to be shredded – and I like that. But I just don’t see her being worthy of being a PM. I look at her and I look at Laura Lynn (A Coed of the Month and Oregon State Alum) and to me Laura is a PMOY and one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen (and 100% natural) in my life and I don’t understand how Laura can be passed over for….this? She looks like someone I would see walking the streets asking if I wanted (fill in the sexual trick one would expect someone walking the streets to ask about) for $50. I would be afraid to have sex with her for fear she might bite off my manhood. Her lips also looks like they couldn’t pass a drug test they have so much artificial stuff inside them. I keep wondering what PB would be like if Hef was still alive and we didn’t have it run by Weekend at Bernie’s.


    I think this is ground breaking for Playboy in that she has very closely cropped hair. I like her. She has a pretty face that can pull off that look. Also, she is from Brooklyn. Have there been other playmates from Brooklyn? Her posts shows she has the strong personality of someone from Brooklyn.

    She is an up and coming fashion model like other playmates of recent years. She will be in Italian vogue soon. I am guessing her modeling agency had her change her hair style from your traditional GND to a more cutting edge fashion look.

    I thought how she got tested for playmate to be interesting. She posted a comment on one of Josh Ryan’s Instagram photos that she wanted to become a playmate. Someone else said she was pretty, but she didn’t fit the mold of a playmate with her closely cropped hair. She responded that it was time to break that. She posted a photo of her being made up for her playmate test a week later. Two weeks later Josh posted that barrier was broken. Good for Josh for challenging Playboy on that and getting Playboy to try a more modern looking playmate.


    Agreed. I don’t know if it’s a coincidence or not but Pamela Anderson cut her hair short, right? She is definitely model-pretty, I really like her look. I’m not a fan of short hair in general but she is pulling it off. Whoever said she has a Denise Richards vibe, ya, there are a few pics in that Intsagram page that show that. Beautiful eyes. I look forward to seeing her in Playboy. Moreso than the other girl who was recently revealed, the blonde that is a bit busted-looking.


    Well said! i don’t think $50 hookers get featured in Italian Vogue. Plus Playboy has always tried to find playmates that in some way resemble the icons of a particular era and like it or not Miley and her look is very iconic of this era.


  • There’s no denying that Britt’s hairstyle resembles Miley’s. Aside from the HIDEOUS hairstyle, Miley’s personality and her in-your face stupidity makes her PAINFULLY unappealing. I literally race to change the channel whenever Miley appears. I, for one, do not suffer fools gladly. Having looked at pictures on Britt, prior to her recent (HIDEOUS) hairstyle, I would say that she has a reasonably pretty face and that I will wait for her pmom pictures to see if she’s playmate worthy. Honestly, there’s no possible way that she could be as Miley (unless they share the same personality too)…..


    I stand corrected. She is from a rural town in upstate or mid state NY.


  • It wasn’t her agency that had her cut her hair. When her mom got cancer she promised she would shave her head, too. It (her Instagram) says it was two years ago (cancer, not sure when the haircut happened).

    I’m so iffy about her. In the photo with Hef, she looks fantastic; classy and sexy. But, some of the others…just eh. We’ll see. Change is usually good. I just hate seeing new girls when there are so many Cyber/Coed, etc. that are so much more deserving.


  • Thanks for the link.

    I guess she would be the first PMOM with very very short hair. I know Daphne Duplaix and Tracy Vaccaro had short hair – but Britt Linn will be definitely the first with such a hair do.

    I can see why Italian Vogue would want her. She has that ‘model’ look – tall, flat chested, piercing blue/green eyes. Is she a ‘Girl Next Door’? Nope. Is she PMOM material – hmmm – I’d have to wait and see her pictorial before I comment further.

    And yes she does look like a cross between Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber…. and that is NOT a good thing.


  • paul

    this must be a joke

  • Bender

    I knew Justin Bieber was really a chick.

  • I know Big Bob doesn’t like it she that her breasts are on the small side. I would figure that he wouldn’t like her hair while her breasts are bad, but they could be a little bit bigger to make her rocking. She has a Miley Cyrus vibe going on while not looking as slutty. She has some great legs with a nice ass. Her hair has a punk rock thing going on which doesn’t make her your prototypical Playmate. I like her over the other two so far this year.

    jerm Pin

  • Well the March issue has finally arrived and here’s my first thoughts.

    An interesting cover – but a woman in a bathtub doesn’t actually scream ‘LINGERIE’ to me.

    Pictorial one – 6 pages of a Greek model Zoi Gorman. Looks like we will see more of these pictorials from international editions from now on.

    Pictorial 2- 8 pages of two models in lingerie. Really uninspiring pics. Looks like another pictorial from an international edition. Will check to see where it came from.

    Playmate of the month – well she definitely has a short mohawk hairdo and her pics left me feeling ‘WTF?’. And it’s only a 9 page pictorial folks. One page is just text. I am confident in saying NONE of the first 3 PMs this year will be crowned PMOY 2015.

    A really disappointing issue.

    Am looking forward to April though. An article about the Central Park 5 will be very interesting reading.


  • Hers or either of the other two’s. A playmate with smaller titty’s every now and then is
    one thing. 3 months in a row, pisses me off. 5 years ago, not a one of these girls would
    have even made it to cyber girl status. I’ve defended Playboy to the hilt over the years,
    when everybody else was screamin’ that they were as good as dead. But if this the type of
    girls they’re gonna roll out each month from here on, then I’ll be damned if I’d waste any money
    on a full video profile either. I know how things tend to friggin trend these days, man. First goes
    their bushes…….now goes their titties??? Any of you guys that know who the playmates are gonna
    be, 6 months in advance, know if they’re all gonna be Olive Oyles? My subscription’s comin’ up
    and I’m not gonna pay for that if they are.


  • My wife killed my 20 year subscription in Dec 2012 which kinda hurt at the time, but I haven’t missed it. (I still need a magazine to replace it. Need to get my PC World going again I think.) There is probably only one issue I wished I had which was the one Ciara Price was on in September, damn I love her. I know what you are saying. I don’t care for Roos that much while Amanda was better, but she is still average. Brit has a great face with a nice ass and a great set of legs. FYI, Amanda is listed as a 32C. Shanice Jordyn is listed as April’s girl which makes me want to Google her. Ok, I just checked her out. She isn’t greatly endowed either, but they don’t look too bad. She was in the Girls of the PAC 12 feature going to ASU by the way of South Dakota. (I don’t blame her for going to warm weather for school.) I just don’t like her tat of a rose on the side of her stomach. She looks to be of mixed race which really makes her sexy. That is just from her Instagram.

    Jerm Pin

  • BC Interview: Britt Linn, Playboy’s Miss March 2014

    Shaving your head wouldn’t seem to be a usual step to appearing in Playboy, but Britt Linn isn’t your usual Playmate.
    Linn, Playboy’s Miss March 2014, is the iconic magazine’s first short-haired Playmate in more than 15 years. The 23-year-old New Jersey native’s modeling career didn’t really take off until she shaved her head, an act she did as a show of solidarity with her ill mother a year-and-a-half ago.
    “My mother served as my inspiration. She never wore wigs; she just showed off her beautiful bald head, so I thought I’d shave my head, too,” Linn said Thursday morning from Astoria, Queens.
    “I love my short hair. I think it’s helped me stand out.”
    Linn was discovered on Facebook by a model scout while working a job as a surgical technician about a year ago. The whirlwind that has followed has taken Linn to New York City Fashion Week, a Seventeen magazine shoot and now the centerfold of Playboy’s March 2014 issue.
    Linn talked to us about the days when she loved Brett Favre, her billiards prowess and her preferred drink of choice.
    You were discovered on Facebook by a “model scout.” Did you think that message was creepy when you first got it?
    “It wasn’t creepy because so many modeling agencies are finding talent that way. I was able to research my agency, Red Model Management, because it had a presence on and that helped me confirm it was legitimate. Scam agencies don’t operate that way.”

    You went from working around surgeons to working in the modeling world. Which world had bigger divas?
    “I think the surgeons were bigger divas. There’s much more at stake in the operating room; it’s more intense, and there’s a definite pecking order as to which person has what responsibility…I’d definitely say surgeons can be divas in the best possible way. They need to focus. In the fashion industry, it’s more about having fun and playing dress-up.”
    You’re a Jersey native. Which sports teams did you follow growing up?
    “I was a stereotypical girl who didn’t follow sports, but I grew up playing sports. Everyone in my neighborhood was a boy, so if I didn’t know my football, I was in trouble. We watched the Giants in my house, but my dad was a big Green Bay Packers fan, so I used to love Brett Favre. Number four all the way! (laughs)”
    Have any athletes been hitting on you since you were named a Playmate?
    “I’ve been sort of bi-coastal – flying out to L.A. a lot – so I haven’t had the chance to get hit on by athletes yet or meet many people as a Playmate.”
    Your bio mentions you are good at pool. Have you ever sharked a guy – or let him win?
    “I am very unsuspectingly good at pool. Guys will talk a lot and then we’ll bet – and I’ll beat them – and then suddenly a whole line of guys wants to play me. It makes for a long night of competition, but it’s all in fun.”
    We hear you like Jack Daniel’s. How many shots of Jack does it take to get you drunk? What was your worst experience with it?
    “I’ve never had a bad experience on Jack; never gotten sick or hungover. I just order their Tennessee Honey flavor on ice with a splash of peach schnapps and sip it all night. It’s my go-to drink.”
    The March 2014 issue of Playboy featuring Britt Linn as Playmate of the Month is on newsstands and at now.

  • paul

    we are they going to a goth girl pose

  • paul

    i am sorry i should proof read better,

    i tried to say when are they going to ave a goth girl pose for the magazine

  • One must ask what about Roos made her not just Playmate but 60th anniversary Playmate?

    To date I don’t know of anyone who has praised her.

    Colleen Shannon was widely criticized for being chosen 50th anniversary Playmate but while I agree with that criticism she at least was Playmate material, something Roos is not.

    The last time a Dutch Playmate was an anniversary Playmate her name was Anna Marie Goddard and that itself may bring tears to the eyes.


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