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Britlinn Vee Miss March 2014 Playboy Playmate of the Month and I think she’s great!!!!!!

Ivan Tarazzo






Brittlinn Vee at Red NYC

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6 comments to Britlinn Vee Miss March 2014 Playboy Playmate of the Month

  • Thanks for the intel. So Playboy has chosen Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus love child to be Miss March 2014?


    LOL, true enough I can see where that’s coming from. But I think she’s beautiful and modern! It’s weird we know who March is but not January or February!


    Ya, well, Justin Bieber is pretty damn effeminate-looking. If you need proof just Google Justin Bieber and then Claire Sinclair and compare Images pages, they look like sisters.

    Claire Sinclair has gone on the record that she should submit her picture to the blog “Lesbians Who Look Like Justin Bieber.”

    Checked the pictures on this Instagram, and if she indeed becomes Miss March 2014 (barring any last-minute second thoughts like that one would-be Playmate last year… Danielle Burt was it?), yes, I certainly see the Miley Cyrus resemblance.

    Seems an odd pick, but these are new times for Playboy, so we’ll see how it turns out when her issue is released.


    I just think she happens to be a girl very much of her time, I think she has a gorgeous face which is actually closer to Denise Richards than Miley Cyrus, actually all you have to do is picture her with long hair and this conversation wouldn’t be happening. I welcome the short hair, diversity is good!


    I just don’t see it! I see one pic where she has abs that appear to be shredded – and I like that. But I just don’t see her being worthy of being a PM. I look at her and I look at Laura Lynn (A Coed of the Month and Oregon State Alum) and to me Laura is a PMOY and one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen (and 100% natural) in my life and I don’t understand how Laura can be passed over for….this? She looks like someone I would see walking the streets asking if I wanted (fill in the sexual trick one would expect someone walking the streets to ask about) for $50. I would be afraid to have sex with her for fear she might bite off my manhood. Her lips also looks like they couldn’t pass a drug test they have so much artificial stuff inside them. I keep wondering what PB would be like if Hef was still alive and we didn’t have it run by Weekend at Bernie’s.


    I think this is ground breaking for Playboy in that she has very closely cropped hair. I like her. She has a pretty face that can pull off that look. Also, she is from Brooklyn. Have there been other playmates from Brooklyn? Her posts shows she has the strong personality of someone from Brooklyn.

    She is an up and coming fashion model like other playmates of recent years. She will be in Italian vogue soon. I am guessing her modeling agency had her change her hair style from your traditional GND to a more cutting edge fashion look.

    I thought how she got tested for playmate to be interesting. She posted a comment on one of Josh Ryan’s Instagram photos that she wanted to become a playmate. Someone else said she was pretty, but she didn’t fit the mold of a playmate with her closely cropped hair. She responded that it was time to break that. She posted a photo of her being made up for her playmate test a week later. Two weeks later Josh posted that barrier was broken. Good for Josh for challenging Playboy on that and getting Playboy to try a more modern looking playmate.


    Agreed. I don’t know if it’s a coincidence or not but Pamela Anderson cut her hair short, right? She is definitely model-pretty, I really like her look. I’m not a fan of short hair in general but she is pulling it off. Whoever said she has a Denise Richards vibe, ya, there are a few pics in that Intsagram page that show that. Beautiful eyes. I look forward to seeing her in Playboy. Moreso than the other girl who was recently revealed, the blonde that is a bit busted-looking.


    Well said! i don’t think $50 hookers get featured in Italian Vogue. Plus Playboy has always tried to find playmates that in some way resemble the icons of a particular era and like it or not Miley and her look is very iconic of this era.


  • There’s no denying that Britt’s hairstyle resembles Miley’s. Aside from the HIDEOUS hairstyle, Miley’s personality and her in-your face stupidity makes her PAINFULLY unappealing. I literally race to change the channel whenever Miley appears. I, for one, do not suffer fools gladly. Having looked at pictures on Britt, prior to her recent (HIDEOUS) hairstyle, I would say that she has a reasonably pretty face and that I will wait for her pmom pictures to see if she’s playmate worthy. Honestly, there’s no possible way that she could be as Miley (unless they share the same personality too)…..


    I stand corrected. She is from a rural town in upstate or mid state NY.


  • It wasn’t her agency that had her cut her hair. When her mom got cancer she promised she would shave her head, too. It (her Instagram) says it was two years ago (cancer, not sure when the haircut happened).

    I’m so iffy about her. In the photo with Hef, she looks fantastic; classy and sexy. But, some of the others…just eh. We’ll see. Change is usually good. I just hate seeing new girls when there are so many Cyber/Coed, etc. that are so much more deserving.


  • Thanks for the link.

    I guess she would be the first PMOM with very very short hair. I know Daphne Duplaix and Tracy Vaccaro had short hair – but Britt Linn will be definitely the first with such a hair do.

    I can see why Italian Vogue would want her. She has that ‘model’ look – tall, flat chested, piercing blue/green eyes. Is she a ‘Girl Next Door’? Nope. Is she PMOM material – hmmm – I’d have to wait and see her pictorial before I comment further.

    And yes she does look like a cross between Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber…. and that is NOT a good thing.


  • paul

    this must be a joke

  • Bender

    I knew Justin Bieber was really a chick.

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