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Scarlett Johansson is the girl that Hugh Hefner wanted to see NUDE more than any other actress. Now is your chance to see what Hef wanted most!
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Mr. Skin

Mr. Skin

Britany Nola Miss November 2012 Playboy Playmate of the Month

APM is very pleased to announce that Britany Nola is Playboy’s Miss November Playmate! Grab An Issue on October 23rd ?

Britany Nola Twitter photo from APM Model Management

Britany Nola Twitter photo from APM Model Management

Britany Nola shot found on Tumblr

Britany Nola shot found on Tumblr

Britany Nola shot found on Tumblr by Jonathan Leder

Britany Nola shot found on Tumblr by Jonathan Leder


Britany Nola's Twitter Account

Britany Nola’s Twitter Account


6 comments to Britany Nola Miss November 2012 Playboy Playmate of the Month

  • Athanatophobos

    The forth blonde for 2012 after Heather Knox, Nikki Leigh and Lisa Seiffert.

  • I have to admit that most of the 2012 PMs left me indifferent at best. Britany
    Nola sticks out for a variety of reasons which includes the fact that she as a
    well rounded persona on the web already. She writes for an interesting blog and
    has had an interesting fringe career in modeling and acting. Because I have paid
    much attention to most of the other playmates I don’t know if any of the others
    come close to what Britany has carved out for herself. There are though more
    than three professional modeling careers on display; one is too controversial to
    talk about apparently. There may be more, like I said, most of the other girls
    didn’t make me interested.

    There’s nothing wrong with modeling and acting aspirations for GND; consider Candace Collins or Claire Sinclair for example. They both project BOTH GND and glamor. Why not? It’s fun to consider what these women do with their careers and their lives. Like I said Britany is active in unique ways with stuff like this

  • By Beth Brelje
    Pocono Record Writer
    October 24, 2012

    Britany Nola, 21, of Hawley bares all in Playboy as Miss November.

    Nola attended Wallenpaupack Area School District from grades 6 through 12. Now she is living in New York and Los Angeles, pursuing a modeling and acting career. Last week, when the current issue of Playboy hit store shelves, Nola received lots of texts from the 570 area code, congratulating her.

    Q: How did you get hooked up with Playboy?

    A: They saw a trailer of a film that I’m doing and approached me. At first I said no. But I collect Playboy magazines from the ’60s to ’80s. I really appreciate them. And I said I would, if I could do it that way.

    Q: That explains the retro look in the photo shoot. You like old things?

    A: I’m a big vintage shopper so l love the retro look. I have a great piece from the ’80s. It’s a denim vest with little pins all over — it’s kept together with safety pins. I wear lots of dresses and pair them with the vest or a leather jacket.

    Q: Where was the photo shoot?

    A: In a private home in Los Angeles.

    Q: You’ve done a few other similar projects. What’s it like posing nude?

    A: I’m a huge film buff. I watch a lot of foreign films, so I’ve been desensitized to thinking that nudity is strange. I don’t find it shocking. In French films it’s a natural thing. Americans are very hush-hush about it. In foreign countries, it is not weird for them.

    Q: Did they keep the room warm enough?

    A: Sometimes it is too hot.

    Q: Is this your biggest job so far?

    A: I just did a Louis Vuitton commercial and an Adidas shoot. Playboy has gotten me the most attention.

    Q: How so?

    A: I started a Twitter account last week. I have 500 followers and add about 40 followers a day.

    Q: Did you meet Playboy founder Hugh Hefner?

    A: Yes. He was very sweet and intelligent. I stayed in a guest house at the Playboy mansion in Los Angeles. I was allowed to roam the mansion, except his private area upstairs, and could order food at anytime. On weekends he has movie night. His son Cooper just turned 21 and is starting to take over. He’s really intelligent too. I stayed in the mansion for two weeks during my shoot and went back for interviews for a week. I got along with the other women who stay there. They are really nice, lovely people.

    Q: One of the best things about growing up in Hawley?

    A: The Wallenpaupack High School drama program. My high school drama teacher, Allison Hoffmann, has helped a lot of kids. I was always in theater but I did not do a play my senior year. In drama, I felt most at home. Ms. Hoffman made me feel loved and accepted.

    Q: You star in the upcoming art film “American Ecstasy.” It has some pretty disturbing, violent scenes. Does it ever feel too real when playing a victim?

    A: Sometimes. But it is very calculated. There is a stunt coordinator standing by to tell you what to do. That is not scary. It’s the intimate moments, where I confront one character, and he has to scream and yell at me, that can be scary. When you have to reach in and find a memory that makes you feel something, that is emotionally hard for actors — to relive a moment in your life that was hard.

    Q: You love music. Do you play an instrument?

    A: I’ve been trying to learn to play guitar since I was a child. I desperately wanted to be in a band. I tried to sing but I’m not that good. I’ve had three guitar teachers quit on me because I’m so ADD.

    Q: What’s new on your iPod?

    A: Umm, new? In my morning wake-up routine, I’ve been listening to “Go” by Tones on Tail. I dance to it while I get dressed. I’m into 80s music right now. I feel happy and just want to dance.

    Q: Both of your parents are therapists. How do they feel about your career so far?

    A: They’ve been amazingly supportive.

    Q: How did you get interested in advocating against teen bullies in the LGBT community?

    A: My godparents are both gay. When I was young, my parents worked at an AIDS home in Canada. Many people in the gay community came to work there or to be patients. I’ve been surrounded by gay people my whole life. Yet some of my closest friends struggled with coming out when they were teens. When they do come out, sometimes teachers don’t know how to react.

    I started, six months ago, with my cousin, who is a teacher and has a child who is gay, getting in touch with other teachers. My parents are willing to go into schools and educate teachers on how to react when a student comes out or if a student is being bullied.

  • Playboy November 2012 Playmate Britany Nola Loves Music

    Pennsylvanian stunner Britany Nola, 21, is Playboy’s latest Playmate of the Month, featured in the magazine’s November 2012 issue. The eight-page pictorial, shot by photographer Stephen Wayda, depicts Britany hanging out in a fantasy A Clockwork Orange-esque bedroom as she listens to some of her favorite records.

    The music enthusiast attributes her Michelle-Williams-meets-Debbie-Harry good looks to a black dad and white mom (yes, she is a “person of color,” in her own words.) She grew up in homes where “you couldn’t walk in without Motown, jazz or Muddy Waters blasting.”

    Pick up the issue to learn more about her music tastes, dudes!

    Anyone plan to nab the issue to check out Nola’s, uh, musical tastes?

    —Maggie Pannacione

  • November issue design

    Just got the November issue today and I haven’t been this pleased with leafing through the magazine for a long time. A lot of the credit goes to art director Mac Lewis. I love that he favors cleain lines and not the busy, ADHD-designed stuff that came from Maxim and Stuff. Even the Raw Data page is legible. I also love the almost text-free cover.

    I also love Brittany Nola. It’s tough decision, but for me it’s between her and Shelby Chesnes for PMOY, with of course one more Playmate to go.


    The crispness of the design is a good trend and the lack of text is great. But the cover design is pretty over done and has been for a long time:

    >From decades ago:

    To Rolling Stone a few years back:

    To pretty current:

    These are just a few samples using some unimaginative searches. I’d bet a lot that there are a whole lot more.

    You are right that Britany Nola really elevates the issue. A lot more than the cover story does in fact.


    Torpical lies is a musical video with a lot of Britany in it

    American Ecstasy is the trailer that was supposed to get Hefner’s attention
    Something from 2010
    A playboy vid suitable for youtube

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