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Scarlett Johansson is the girl that Hugh Hefner wanted to see NUDE more than any other actress. Now is your chance to see what Hef wanted most!
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Mr. Skin

Mr. Skin

Glamourcon 2014 – Meet and Greet with your favorite Playboy Playmates 8/23-24 Long Beach, CA

GLAMOURCON 2014 Long Beach, California August 23&24, 2014

Hilton Long Beach International Ballroom (2nd Floor) 701 West Ocean Blvd. Long Beach, CA  90831

Saturday – 11am to 6pm Sunday – Noon to 5pm Discounted Self & Valet Parking At The Hotel

Glamourcon is an event which has been held more than 50 times across […]

PMOY/in praise of 2013 playmates

I guess we will soon find out the 2014 PMOY. It seems most people are assuming it will be Alyssa Arce. I’d be fine with that choice, although some pics from her portfolio might make one question whether she was playmate material to begin with. I think the PMs from February to September represented, […]

The Playboy Mansion As You’ve Never Seen It

Photos by Jeff Minton

Last April, we sent photographer Jeff Minton, perhaps the only man ever to shoot for Thrasher and the New Yorker, to the Playboy Mansion for the better part of a week. His assignment: Lend his irreverent eye to one of the most famous addresses on Earth. In all, he […]

Best of the Playboy Photographers – Ken Marcus

Although he is controversial I think he is a very interesting photographer, so what is his best centerfold?

1.. Jun 1975 Azizi Johari (review) birthdate: Aug 24, 1948 birthplace: New York, NY stats: 5′ 6″ 119 lbs 36-23-37 photographer: Ken Marcus 2.. Jan 1976 Daina House (review) birthdate: Dec 30, 1954 birthplace: Dallas, TX […]

watch what you wish for…….

What in the HELL happened to this year’s playmates. 1st 3 months of gals, and barely a one of them could fill a “B” cup. Hey….I’m as much for an all natural girl as the next fella, but when the actual girls next door, in your “real” life, has bigger titties than every playmate […]

Best Playboy Photographers – Mario Casilli

Although the response to my Pompeo Posar question was light I persevere with my next photographer. What is the best of Mario Casilli? Below are the centerfolds credited to him in Peggy’s database:

1.. Sep 1957 Jacquelyn Prescott (review) birthdate: {[unknown]} {[unknown]}, c.1936 birthplace: Redlands, CA stats: [unknown] 117 lbs 39-23-37 photographer: Mario Casilli


Zero G photoshoot?

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition photographed the fantastic Kate Upton in the vomit comet.  It looks like fun while also looking mildly dangerous with all those people in there with her – I would love to see Playboy do something like that with some Playmates (though I would worry that someone would sprain something […]

The best of Playboy photographers – Pompeo Posar

In my years on the PML I don’t recall a thread where we rated centerfolds by photographers, if I am in error I hope someone will correct me. I would like members to post their favorites by each of the photographers listed. First, because I like his work so much, is Pompeo Posar.

Here […]

The future of Playmate profiles……….

ack several years ago now, when Playmate Video Calendars were shut down permanently by Playboy……I remember it feeling to me like the end of the world. As it turned out, that was just the beginning of the end of Playboy videos, as far as there being any further home releases, as everything else, not […]

Any News about the 2014 Playmate of the Year ?

What is the talk this day about who is the one . I love to Know

basebal_lman ******************** Haven’t heard any “buzz” on who is most likely to get it, but I’m hoping Alyssa Arce is the winner. Gorgeous from head to toe and nice natural breasts.

Brett ******************* I think that was one […]