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Mr. Skin

Mr. Skin

Dani Mathers Miss May 2014 Playboy Playmate of the Month and 2015 Playmate of the Year

Dani Mathers Miss May 2014

Dani Mathers Miss May 2014

Now we have a third name for Miss May, this time Dani Mathers.  Dani was the January 2013 Playboy Cyber Girl of the Month.

Dani Mathers Miss May 2014 Playboy Playmate of the Month

January 2013 CGOM Dani Mathers from Playboy on Vimeo.


Playboy TV takes you behind the scenes on the shoot of Dani Mathers, Miss May 2014.




411mania Inteview: Playboy’s Miss May Dani Mathers (05.06.2014)
Posted by Steve Gustafson on 05.06.2014

411’s Steve Gustafson sits down with Playboy’s Miss May, Dani Mathers! She talks about being the newest Playmate, her appearances in Neighbors and Let’s Be Cops, and what’s next in her career! All this and more inside!

May just became my favorite month. Blond beauty Dani Mathers is Playboy’s May 2014 Playmate of the Month (issue on newsstands and now, with additional photos available at The SoCal born and raised stunner has had a recurring role on CBS’s The Bold and the Beautiful since 2005, and appears in the upcoming films Neighbors (in theaters May 9) and Let’s Be Cops (in theaters August 13). She also starred on Playboy TV’s Badass and Playboy Trip: Patagonia.

Miss May’s pictorial was shot on the beaches of Cabo San Lucas. “It was my Playmate dream come true,” she says, “and the greatest moment of my career. Though I’m only five-one, I tried to stretch out and radiate like a larger-than-life sex symbol.” She was kind enough to take a few moments out of her busy schedule and talk to me about her experience.

 photo Dani-Mathers-1_zps7a8344b7.jpg

Credit Playboy & Josh Ryan

Steve Gustafson: Hi Dani! First, congratulations on being Playboy’s Miss May and thanks for taking a few minutes to answer some questions for! You’re well know for your roles on The Bold and the Beautiful and Playboy’s Badass and Playboy Trip: Patagonia. How did you first get involved with modeling and with Playboy?

Dani Mathers: Hi guys! Thanks so much for takin the time to talk to me! My adventure with Playboy was somewhat of an accident, if you will. I was actually submitting myself for acting jobs on and accidentally submitted for a summer Playboy show. Not 2 hours later I got the call from Sam Rhima saying they’d love to have me! Once I warmed up to the idea, which didn’t take long, I immediately decided that I needed to know what it felt like to be nude in front of people aside from family and boyfriends, so I went to a nudist resort and the rest is history! After filming that show, I was sent to Argentina to film Playboy Trip Patagonia then Playboy Trip: Back In Argentina. What girl could say no to travel with beautiful playmates?

Steve Gustafson: WOW! That might be my favorite Playmate story ever! OK, I ask everyone about their photoshoot because of the wide range of emotions. How was yours? Were you nervous? Excited?

Dani Mathers: My shoot was FANTASTIC! I’m such a headcase so I knew that if I over-thought this shoot I wouldn’t enjoy it. I was lucky enough to be working with a team that I’ve worked with for many years so it added an element of comfort ability and gave the shoot a family vibe, which kept me stress free! I was obviously a bit nervous as I’ve wanted this for far too long but I just had to be confident that Hef picked me because he liked ME so I just let it be and did what i know how to do…roll around in the sand NAKED! (Laughs)

Steve Gustafson: (Laughs) Amazing! How did you learn that you were going to be Miss May? Who was the first person you called?

Dani Mathers: I actually tested for Playmate in July 2013 and didn’t hear anything until months later! This was a heart attack in itself, but it definitely taught me patience that’s for sure. When I first got the call I was finishing up my last day in Vegas! (Laughs) I immediately cried and asked, “Are you sure they read my name correctly?!?” Then had to ask if I could call them back in a minute because I suddenly couldn’t speak English! I called back while jumping all over the beds before check-out! (Laughs) The first person I called was my mom and then my dad, of course!

Steve Gustafson: This is already becoming my favorite email. How has your life changed since becoming Miss May?

Dani Mathers: I would have to say that so far the biggest change is my happiness level. I’m so proud and re-motivated to be the best at what I do, I’ve got that flame again! The year has already began to book up with amazing jobs, travels, and fun times with my fellow Playmate sisters, but for now I’m just enjoying the support and the all around happiness this accomplishment has brought me!

 photo Dani-Mathers-2_zps63023f52.jpg

Credit Playboy & Josh Ryan
Steve Gustafson: What a great answer. What does Miss May like to do for fun and to unwind?

Dani Mathers: When there’s some time on my hands I absolutely LOVE hangin at the dog park with my girlfriends and our furry friends, hiking, pilates…MOVIES, I LOVE WATCHING MOVIES! I spend most of my time on my couch bundled up, probably eating, and either watching any film under the sun or playing PS3 COD!

Steve Gustafson: That sound you’re hearing is millions of men trying to get in touch with you and ask you to marry them. Speaking of movies, you’re appearing in the upcoming Neighbors and Let’s Be Cops. What can you tell us about those roles and are you going to be pursuing more movie acting in the future?

Dani Mathers: I have very minor roles in both, however, you should definitely be able to find me. In Neighbors you’ll find me at a dildo sale on the fraternity front lawn and smoking weed at a pool party (Laughs) I can’t give too much away though it’s going to be a hilarious movie! In Let’s Be Cops you’ll find me being chased down the beach wearing my Pam Anderson circa Baywatch red one piece lifeguard suit by Damon Wayans and Jake Johnson!

Steve Gustafson: That sounds awesome. I suddenly have a reason to watch both of those movies now. Real quick, on your Twitter profile you say you’re a “bad cook”. What’s the best dish that you CAN cook?

Dani Mathers: Well it’s reeeeeally hard to mess up boiling water SO I would have to say anything pasta is my forte! I also bake a mean butterfinger chocolate chip cookie if I do say so myself.

Steve Gustafson: Again, I’m sure you won’t find any dudes that will have a problem with that meal. OK, since we cover Movies and TV shows here at 411mania, I have to ask you some related questions. I know you’re busy but do you have any TV shows that you must watch?

Dani Mathers: Well, Dexter and Breaking Bad ended so I had to move on. I’m really wanting to get into Game Of Thrones, I know I’m late to the party, House Of Cards, Archer, if you haven’t seen it and you like raunchy cartoons…it’s a must see, SOA, Naked and Afraid, just to name a few.

 photo dani-mathers-4_zps503b8027.jpg

Credit Playboy & Josh Ryan
Steve Gustafson: Wow. So far you’re batting perfect in this interview. You made it clear that you love movies. What about going out to the movies? Some of your favorites?

Dani Mathers: I can’t wait for the new Godzilla, Star Wars: Episode VII, and TMNT! As for movies that are already out, I loved the new 300:Rise Of An Empire, Raid Redemption. AND the new Raid 2, Attack The Block, Bridesmaids…Can’t get enough of The Princess Bride though!

Steve Gustafson: Awesome! OK, I read that you are a strong supporter of animal-rights and work closely with 2008 Playmate of the Year Jayde Nicole’s JNF Foundation. What can you tell us about that and where can people go to learn more and to help?

Dani Mathers: . Here is the link so that you can read more about it but our main goal is to help rescue and shelter animals! Jayde has actually been fostering different rescues and we all help to find them homes. It truly is an endearing foundation and I really encourage everyone interested in owning an animal and having a furry friend to rescue! There are WAY too many animals out there without homes.

Steve Gustafson: Bravo! As an owner of 3 rescue dogs, this is a great organization. I’ll definitely spread the word. What’s next? Goals for 2014?

Dani Mathers: To successfully launch my jewelry line, in the works, to work my butt off building my brand, possibly buy a home, and travel to at least 5 new countries!

Steve Gustafson: You’re not taking it easy! Awesome! What’s the best way for fans to keep up-to-date on your career?

Dani Mathers: I’m very interactive on my social media sites. YES it’s me running them and responding to you…some people think we have someone running our pages and here is where you can find me:

I also have a Youtube that I use randomly, but it may be worth it to tune in :

Steve Gustafson: Alright! That’s it! Thanks again and all the best to you!

 photo Cover_zps9eea79ab.jpg

Credit Playboy & Tony Kelly

Dani Mathers Miss May 2014 nude

Dani Mathers day in Cabo

Dani Mathers dangerous nude

Dani Mathers wild nude

Dani Mathers director’s choice

Dani Mathers midnight invite from the Cybergirls section

Dani Mathers basking beauty from the Cybergirls section

Dani Mathers suite secutions from the Cybergirls section

Dani Mathers sexy showers from the Cybergirls section

Dani Mathers unnamed gallery from the Amateurs section

Dani Mathers peaches and cream from the Amateurs section

Dani Mathers light the fire from the Amateurs section

Dani Mathers unnamed gallery from the Amateurs section

Sexy Barbecue Tips From Playmate Dani Mathers


With Halloween coming up, we know some of you are going to be throwing parties that involve grilling meat outdoors. That’s why we got together with Miss May 2014 Dani Mathers to make this very important Halloween barbecue public service announcement.






Ashley Doris Twitter Account

Dani Mathers Twitter Account


4 comments to Dani Mathers Miss May 2014 Playboy Playmate of the Month and 2015 Playmate of the Year

  • Athanatophobos

    It seems it is the best source. Dani will be the May 2014.

    It’s heard some intels about her in the beginning of the year.

  • In Dani Mather’s centerfold (May 2014) we’ve taken a day off to go to the beach, but darn it! Poor Dani seems to have forgotten her swimsuit!

    I know that for many people “The Beach” is a romantic ideal. I contend that these people have never been to a beach. To paraphrase W.C. Fields, “Fish die in it”. My memories of beaches involve way too much jetsam and flotsam to offer much in the romance department.

    There is a second problem: sand gets everywhere.


    But there is an advantage to be had in posing a model covered in sand. Because we see the form of the model and not the reality, the minute flaws and imperfections we all have (even Playmates) are downplayed. My contention is that had the picture on the opening spread been used for the centerfold instead, we could have gotten the same effect without the use of fish cadavers.

    Stale sushi aside, having Dani pose on her side was an inspired choice, giving a delightful shape to her slightly-skinny thighs and not-skinny-at all breasts. Dani’s open mouth expression is done extremely well, never straying into the false arousal so common in lesser magazines.

    Halibut, anyone?

    Photographer: Josh Ryan


    Pin-up: 2.0

    Erotic: 1.0

    Artistic: 2.5

    Overall: 1.7 out of 4.0

    Mark Tomlonson

  • Here we go.

    The cover is TERRIFIC. I love the ‘clean’ covers that we are seeing lately. This blue cover with a beautiful PM on an airplane is wonderful.

    And here we go with what the German editions don’t have.

    A 6 page foreign PM/ celebrity. She is beautiful but this is lazy.stuff.

    Airplane playmates – 8p and wonderful. But it should have been at least 12 pages.

    PM – Dani Mothers is super cute and at 5′!” is one of the shortest PM ever.

    And next month? No clue to who will be PMOY. Lets just hope she gets the cover and maybe 10 pages.

    I received my mag in the mail. It is a very interesting issue in that it is two magazines in one. The back portion is called teh a-z special edition where they have someone ruminated on something related to PB for each letter of the alphabet, like b is for bush. What is even more interesting is this is the first time they are publishing the artworks they commissioned artists to do on PB. That means there are a bunch more very good nude pictorials in the issue and as a result is larger than normal. I hope they do something like this more often, but I have a feeling it is a one shot deal.

    Another interesting thing is that I noticed a printing issue with a newstand copy of this issue. I went to my local B&N to see the issue while I waited for my issue to arrive in the mail. I was struck by how there were only two pictorials in the regular part of the mag. I went to the table of contents to see where the pictorial in the first part of the mag was. It said it was on page 58. I went to that page. There was an article there, no pictorial. My subscription copy did not have that problem. It had the pictorial. The article I saw in the newstand copy was right after the pictorial. However, I really did not care for the model they had in the pictorial, nice body, the face was not to my liking. Evidenlty, she is part Japanese. That is usually a good combo, but not for this model.

    A very interesting pictorial is a retro fullly nude flight attendant theme. If you look at the drink swivel sticks they say PAN AM. It has Val Keil, Alyssa Arce, Pam Horton and Marketa. Amanda Booth is on the cover which was shot months after the pictorial just before she started showing her pregancy. There is only one image with Marketa and you can barely tell it is her face. Her hair looks darker than its usual blonde. Which brings me to a recent observation that it seems the new editors seem to favor brunettes in recent pictorials and playmates.

    The rock after party had Carly Lauren in, but you could only see her body, not her blonde hair. This time they gave short shrift to Marketa. There is discussion that the new editors and photographers choose who the playmates wll be and we know that there has been a paucity of blonde playmates this year. The only true blonde, Amanda Booth had slightly blonde hair, is Dani Mathers who Josh Ryan had to fight for to get chosen. I also prefer brunettes, but I still want to see a fair amount of blondes.

    The PMOY tease is a silhouette of her with a photographer taking her photo. She has some type of hat on with her hair up. So, it is hard to figure out who it is other than she is small compared to the photographer, but that could be an illusion due to perspective of the photo.

    I’ve heard rumblings about this “back of the book” A-Z guide. Sounds intriguing and hope my subscription copy comes soon (maybe today??).

    It is pretty cool that we’re starting to see multiple Playmate pictorials appearing in the magazine. A trend that I hope continues to increase, especially as Playboy is now apparently shifting away from C-grade celebrities.

    Admittedly it’s been difficult for me to keep up with all things Playboy these days as I’m still only partway through the April issue. Having a newborn son has made it challenging to find time to read a lot. I am, however, able to watch LOTS of TV since he falls asleep in my arms during the day, giving me the perfect excuse to blaze through my TV shows recorded on my PVR machine. This parenting is a piece of cake! 😉
    The thing about blondes is that when they go for that ultra platinum shade they tend to become indistinguishable from each other as this tends to wash them out ( Save notable exceptions ) therefore a darker or highlighted blonde mane allows them to retain some personality IMO.
    I would think that would be the same problem for a bunch of brunettes (indistinguishable). *If* they all had the same shade of dark brown or black. I think the problem for many fake blondes is that they either pick one of those bad dye colors that nobody believes is natural (sometimes they actually cross into grey or greenish instead of the intended platinum, sometimes it comes out yellow) and/or they beat their hair down too much, it ends up being really dry-looking and frizzy from all the bleach work, like it will break off in your hand, and so they look like they have fine straw on their heads. Brunettes don’t seem to have to deal with that, they usually only screw up (in terms of dying) when they go jet black but aren’t goth or the black actually has some blue or purple in it when that’s not what they wanted. But that’s rare. Redhead dyes usually turn out ok unless the red is too red, looking more rocker/punker than natural. Once in a while it looks like Christina Hendricks (not a natural redhead) went too hard with the red. And it looks odd if the girl has no hint of freckles, too. Still, most redhead models/actresses I’ve seen who get that look through dye jobs look hot. Blonde seems to be the hardest to pull off right. I guess having to constantly worry about roots showing through is an issue, same as having facial features that scream brunette (hispanic/black/asian).


  • Hey,
    Here’s who I would love to see as playmate in American Playboy (much more than the present Miss May…..I prefer her to any playmate this year (so far)) :

    The dimples on her face (as well as on other parts of her body) ABSOLUTELY KILL ME!!


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