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Mr. Skin

Mr. Skin

Kennedy Summers Miss December 2013 Playboy Playmate of the Month, 2014 Playmate of the Year

Kennedy Summers has been announced as the Playmate of the Year for 2014. Congratulations Kennedy!

Along with her new title, she has transitioned to Los Angeles from her home in Chicago to make her modeling life easier.

Kennedy Summers, aka Taylor

Kennedy Summers

Kennedy Summers, aka Taylor

Kennedy Summers

Kennedy Summers, aka Taylor

Kennedy Summers


Per ModelMayhem:
“I’ve been modeling for twelve years in America, Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. I’ve got international modeling experience doing fashion shows, tv shows, commercials, catalogues, fashion editorials, music videos, short films, spokesmodeling, MCing, event hosting, fitness productions and ads, brand/image campaigns, beauty, magazines, and artistic modeling. I am/have been represented by agencies/have worked with clients in Italy, Germany, France, Macao, Japan, Singapore, New Zealand, Austria, Australia, Dubai, South Korea, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, China, Poland, Turkey, multiple American markets, and Canada.”

Height: 5′ 9″
Weight: 115 lbs
Bust: 32″
Waist: 23″
Hips: 34″
Cup: D (enhanced)
Dress: 2
Shoe: 8.0
Hair color: Blonde
Hair length: Very Long
Eye color: Green
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Skin color: Olive
Shoot nudes: No
Experience: Very Experienced

Editor: Too bad she doesn’t shoot nudes 🙂

CC: Kennedy Summers

In Kennedy Summers’ centerfold (December 2013) the Christmas angel has climbed down from the top of the tree to reward those of us who were extra-special good this year. Had I known Kennedy was part of the deal, I might have passed on that trip to Vegas. And the twins.

Kennedy is a jewel, and I love how she has been set in soft white, like a diamond in a jeweler’s box. This type of setting has appeared in a couple of centerfolds, and it has worked every time. One advantage is that the viewer is free to supply any kind of erotic situation he (or she) wishes. In this case, that is a strength. My daydreams of what Kennedy and I will be doing next are probably a bit different than what you have in mind. But after all, that’s what a pin-up is for, isn’t it?

Kennedy has the Right Stuff to make this work. Her expression has no ambiguity that I can see. She is committed to whatever we have planned. If that weren’t enough, she looks like she is doing this because she wants to, not because we’ve tricked her or because she’s turning a trick.

Photographer: Josh Ryan

Pin-up: 2.0
Erotic: 4.0
Artistic: 2.0
Overall: 2.7 out of 4.0

Mark Tomlonson

Playboy Playmate Kennedy Summers Official Website

Click Here for Playboy Playmate Kennedy Summers Official Website




8 comments to Kennedy Summers Miss December 2013 Playboy Playmate of the Month, 2014 Playmate of the Year

  • the nov. issue mentions kennedy summers as miss dec. but a google search turns up nothing. anyone know who kennedy summers is?


    This might be her?


  • Yes, the one pictured in Model Mayhem is the same Kennedy. Her first name is Taylor and I suppose she changed it since there’s a dead porn star named Taylor Summers and there’s a former Playboy model named Taylor Kennedy. She was made PM in August and is Miss December 2013. There’s some info here (sorry, I don’t know which one of you owns it!):


    Margie – thanks for the link.

    If these photos are an indication of Taylor Kennedy Summers – then all I can say is ‘ouch’.

    I am sure the PB photographers will make her look better – but these photos are really awful IMO.

    Is she one of Hef’s new GFs – cos I cannot see how she is playmate worthy. Sorry guys – that’s just my opinion based on these photos.

    And – again – based on these pics and the ones already published in PB this year, I now believe the 2014 PMOY will be be selected from the FIRST 9 months.

    I know there’s a huge amount of support for Alyssa Acre to be crowned PMOY but here are MY personal choices – in chronological order;-

    Karina Marie, Shawn Michelle Dillon, Ashley Doris Wilson, Jaslyn Ome, Kristen Nicole and Bryiana Noelle. Flores.

    And before all the gun lovers attack me for this – I see nothing beautiful or sexy in a photo of a PM playing with her new AR-15 rifle. Sorry guys – Carly really lost points with me for that pic.


    It is interesting on her MM page she says her name is Kennedy Summers, but in the first sentence she say her name is Taylor. I wonder what her name really is.


    According to my internet stalki… I mean research, her first name is Taylor, but her surname is neither Kennedy nor Summers (unless she got married in the past couple of years). Even under her “real” name, I haven’t turned up anything beyond the Model Mayhem page.


  • Playboy Magazine Releases Special Glow In The Dark Cover For Its December Holiday Issue

    PR Newswire

    LOS ANGELES, Nov. 12, 2013

    LOS ANGELES, Nov. 12, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Playboy is giving readers a special holiday surprise this year by publishing its first-ever, glow in the dark cover as part of the magazine’s December issue (on newsstands, Friday, November 15, 2013).


    This keepsake edition cover (shot by photographer Tony Kelly) is available on newsstands only, and features a pair of seductive legs sliding down a chimney at night. Parts of the cover will illuminate in the dark, revealing the famous Rabbit Head logo as a constellation in the sky, once readers briefly hold it under a bright light.

    “We wanted to treat our readers to something they couldn’t get from their tablet or social media,” said Playboy’s Editorial Director Jimmy Jellinek. “When’s the last time you had a little good old-fashioned fun in the dark?”

    The glow in the dark effect is the result of a special UV varnish applied to the magazine’s cover. Copies of Playboy’s December Holiday issue will be on-sale through mid-December.

    Read more:

  • The December 2013 digital issue has arrived nice and early – and I’ve had a quick skim through it and so here we go;-

    1. The cover. The trend for minimilast text continues but the image is quite a strange one. Last month we had just lips and this month we have just two legs sticking out of a chimney. Kinda reminds me of Hustler’s silly meat grinder cover. I like the new trend in covers but this one just looks strange – and not sexy or cute at all.

    2. Interview – the December interviews usually feature someone really famous – but this month it is Ray Kelly – a cop.Never heard of him so can’t say I am keen to read this.

    3. But then there’s an article about Jim McCloskey who works in getting guys out of jail. This looks interesting since I know Hef has had a long history of supporting getting wrongly convicted prisoners out of jail. I’ll read this to learn more about an important issue …IMO.

    4. James Marsden 20Q – cute and sexy actor who has been around for a while – and will look forward to reading this one too.

    5. Pictorial one – Ukranian Olga Ogneva is one gorgeous brunette and would be my pick for PMOY if she was an American PM. Only 6p devoted to this gorgeous woman. If you want to see more of her – check out the following international editions;- Ukraine Feb 2013 and Mexican Nov 2013.

    6. As predicted, the combined Year in Sex/Sex in cinema is just 8p long – and one of these pages is just text. So what used to be two separate pictorials between 6 -10p each is now a paltry 7p. Really disappointing.

    7. Helmut Newton retrospective. 8 pages long and there are some pics I haven’t seen before – but plenty of reprinted stuff. So so pictorial.

    8. Kennedy Summers – well the pics on the modelmayhem site were nothing to write home about, but the photoshopping department have done a terrific job with Kennedy. Definitely NOT PMOY material but the pics are OK. Only reason i can see her winning PMOY is if she is one of Hef’s girlfriends. But quite frankly – Olga Ogneva is heaps more beautiful than Kennedy.

    My pick for PMOY – Miss September – Bryonny Noelle Flores.

    Overall – a good issue. The pictorials were a bit of a let down but some of the articles look very interesting.

    And the Anniversary issue?

    Yep – Kate Moss will be the cover for the 60th anniversary January/February 2014 issue. I have never understood why she is a super model. I just wonder whether it will be a 16p pictorial like the one Naomi Campbell had a few years back or an 8p one like most of the pictorials have been of late. Oh who am I kidding – it will DEFINITELY be 8 or maybe 10p long.

    No mention of a 60th PM hunt but does mention that they will be ‘CELEBRATING’ their 60th anniversary in style. Not sure what that means but I am predicting a 10p tribute featuring the same pics we’ve seen in the 25th, 30th, 35th, 40th, 45th, 50th and 55th anniversary issues.

    60th anniversary playmate(s)? Since it doesn’t look like a ‘hunt’ was conducted – I am guessing it will be twins or triplets. I’m not a member of the PB website – so if anyone knows of any twins that have featured in the past few years and are PM worthy – then I hazard a guess to suggest they are the ones.

    Oh well Christmas has come early – digitally – and 2014 looks like being an interesting year to watch.

    Bette Streep

    Ray Kelly is the NYPD Commissioner. The interview is huge deal here in NYC. It’s all over the news and newspapers.

    So basically the December issue is just like every other issue lateley: a foreign pictorail that can easily be found online, the Playmate, and reprints of old photos…..yawn…….zzzzzz…..


    Ray Kelly is not only the head of the NYPD, but he is very well respected. He is given a lot of credit for reducing crime in NYC, but he some say it has reduced at the same rate as other cities. Also,his stop and frisk policy is extremely controversial and one court found a problem with it, but that was stayed. That policy was a big issue during the recent NYC mayoral election and the guy who wants to restrict it won the election. So, he is quite relevant to Playboy’s American audience.


  • While in the local B&N I saw the Dec issue of PB. Since I read that the newsstand issue is different from the one I will get in the mail I purchased it.

    The Playboy letters glow in the dark very strongly. You can’t see the bunny head on the cover until you put it in the dark. Then it is lit moderately. You can feel the bunny if you run your fingers along it.

    I love the foreign model in it, Olga Olneva. She is very pretty with great boobs, but and nice figure.Unfortunately, we only get five photos of her.

    I really like the playmate, Kennedy.Summer. I am having difficulty remembering which is her first name. She has a great curvy body with great boobs and butt. She is quite pretty with great expressions and really knows how to work her body and I really like her CF.She is washed in light behind her while wearing a white fur coat with a full frontal of her entire magnificent body!!

    Evidently, she wants to be a plastic surgeon who is currently a medical student. She has an odd educational background though with a bachelors in anthropology and finishing up a master’s in health administration. That is like Beth Williams. She was born in Berlin, Germany and raised in Virginia,, but is a diehard Steelers fan. She says “Oh, I adore sex”. That is definitely a different description. She says that becoming a playmate will be the end of her modeling career. She is 26.

    However, she only have six pages of photos in addition to the CF, but they have 12 photos in small and large photos.

    I was always in the Alyssa Arce camp and didn’t think anyone else this year came close to her. However, I feel that Summer most definitely is at the same level as Alyssa. In fact, she has an advantage in that she has a nice butt whereas that is Alyssa’s only weakness.

    They don’t give a clue about the Jan playmate in the preview for next month.

    They did a good job in combining both the Sex in Cinema and Year in Sex. That means it just uses up one issue instead of two. Right after they they have two pages of classic Christmas cartoons.

    They also have a 8 page tribute to the great Helmut Netwon.

    The interview is NYPD chief Ray Kelly.


    One of the things that annoys me about recent PMOM layouts is the lack of full-page images, which is the case for Miss December. Possibly in an effort to make-up for the reduction of two pages in PMOM layouts, the editors have resorted to multi-photo pages. There used to be a mix of multi-photo and single photo pages. Double-page spreads are still occasionally used (Kennedy’s layout opens with a two-page spread), but before the cut-back two full-page images were common.

    Now there may be some who are willing to take smaller in exchange for more images but this layout doesn’t work so well for the tear-sheet collector. Now that the playmate calendar has gone “bigger and better,” fewer options for full-page tear-sheets exist. For Kennedy (this was also true for Brianna and other recent playmates) the only single-page image is on the backside of the centerfold.


    Dan Stiffler

  • Hi, guys! I just wanted to say thanks for the feature! I appreciate the support a lot! I was wondering if you’d please consider removing my real name from the site? It’s really important to me that my teachers and patients respect me as a doctor and not just as a Playmate. I do love the Playmate gig and being a part of it, but I’m also trying to be conscious of my future. Maybe we could trade an interview or I could mail you a signed centerfold as a trade-off for taking down my name? Thanks a bunch and I really enjoyed your site!
    Kennedy Summers

  • Kennedy Summers is your December Playmate of the Month
    Sure November isn’t quite over yet, but it’s never too soon to take a look at next month’s Playboy Playmate. Say hello to Kennedy Summers from Chicago, Illinois! Looks like we’ve got yet another excellent choice by Playboy on our hands here, folks.
    This has been quite a banner year for Playboy when it comes to their monthly selections. Choosing the next Playmate of the Year is going to be one tough task. Between Kennedy, Gemma Lee Farrell, Carly Lauren, Valerie Keil, Kristen Nicole, and Jaslyn Ome I don’t know how they’re ever going to pick a winner. It sure will be fun trying though
    I agree, she is a smoking hottie and I also agree the Playmates you’ve just mentioned are great contenders for the PMoY title, but I would have to add Triple A – Audrey Aleen Allen and Alyssa Arce to that list. And I believe Alyssa is a fan favorite, although my #1 choice would be the Colorado Playmate, Audrey.

    Great Timbini

  • Miss December 2013 Playboy Playmate to visit Hollywood Casino

    Miss December 2013 Playboy Playmate to visit Hollywood Casino
    Kennedy Summers will be at The Sound Stage Lounge Saturday, April 5
    BANGOR – Hollywood Casino Hotel & Raceway will welcome “Playboy’s” Miss December 2013, Kennedy Summers, to Bangor Saturday, April 5. The 26-year-old Summers is a medical student who is finishing her master’s in healthcare administration.
    “Our customers have enjoyed these opportunities to meet Playmates whenever they have presented themselves,” said Jose Flores, general manager of Hollywood Casino Hotel & Raceway. “At the same time, we have found that the Playmates who visit Bangor love to experience the charm and wit that go along with Maine personalities. Needless to say, we’re all looking forward to welcoming Miss December 2013 to Hollywood Casino Bangor.”
    The meet & greet with the December 2013 Playmate of the Month will begin this Saturday at 7 p.m. at Hollywood Casino’s Sound Stage Lounge. Summers was featured on the cover of the December 2013 issue of “Playboy Magazine.”
    Miss Summers has been a professional model for over 12 years and has lived in many different countries throughout her life. In addition to her modeling career, according to her website she is slated to play the lead in an upcoming feature film called “Money, Money, Money.”
    She resides in Chicago with her Chihuahua mix puppy.

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