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Mr. Skin

Mr. Skin

Roos Van Montfort Miss January 2014 Playboy Playmate of the Month

Roos Van Montfort


Beautiful Dutch model Roos van Montfort has been announced as being the Playboy Playmate for January 2014. The New Year rings in with this beauty gracing the pages of Playboy’s 60th Anniversary issue – making her the 60th anniversary Playmate.

Roos van Montfort is originally from the Netherlands and at the ripe age of 20 has already shot ads for clients such as – Max Factor, Burberry, Christian Dior, and Victoria’s Secret. She has even been on the cover of Diva magazine (May 2012 issue).

Roos van Montfort Bio

measurements: 32.5-21-35.5

height: 5’10?

hair: brunette

eyes: brown

birthplace: Geldrop (The Netherlands)



We have removed her Instagram link as it seems to have vanished

As well as her Facebook page.

3 comments to Roos Van Montfort Miss January 2014 Playboy Playmate of the Month

  • I know that some of you don’t favor this model look but to me Both Miss Jan. and Miss Feb. are exceptionally gorgeous, the former reminds me a lot of Rachel Weisz wile the latter is a mix of Uma thurman/Cameron Diaz, maybe they don’t seem as approachable as some others but I feel like these women are very representative of the times we are living in.

    |It’s also Curious that twenty years ago Miss January, was from Holland and Miss February from thee state of New York as is the case in 2014

    60th Anniversary PM – Yep it’s a tall blonde/brunette? model from the Netherlands. If you loved 40th anniversary PM Anna Maria Goddard – you might like Roos. I didn’t. There are 10 pages – actually 8 if you exclude the data sheet and the one page of text. Obviously the trend now is NOT to search for girls next door playmates but to contact the modelling agencies and see who is willing to pose nude.

    Oh and by the way – the huskies in the photos? Nothing sexy about this at all.


    Ivan Tarrazo

  • enamored

    Hooray for the Netherlands!! Roos Van Montfort is simply BEAUTIFUL!!! YOU GO GIRL!

  • My subscription copy arrived yesterday and that damn UPC has
    returned. The cover features the shot of Kate in profile.

    272 pages suggests good ad buys for this anniversary issue.

    My subscription copy hasn’t arrived yet but I viewed the issue on
    iPlayboy the day it became available. There are many wonderful
    PLAYBOY-anniversary-themed ad tie-ins in this issue! The best one
    (IMHO) was a two-page add for Mazda illustrated by Olivia, very
    eye-catching and perfect for Playboy.

    BTW I thought the issue was excellent overall, though I am bummed by
    the treatment of the Playmate Review and I think the cover is boring
    and unattractive. They had all those great pictures of Kate Moss (so
    many are striking!) and they chose *that* one????

    If the Playmate Review was reduced in size due to the large number of
    pages devoted to Kate Moss, perhaps they should have moved the Review
    to the December issue, as happened in 1988/89 to accomodate the 35th
    anniversary issue.

    Like Dan, I also noticed the $12.99 cover price.

    My subcription copy arrived quite early (on Thursday), but I guess they rushed to get it out for the interest of Kate Moss.

    Yes, the ad tie-ins congratulating Playboy for 60 years were numerous and I always enjoy seeing them in any magazine’s anniversary issue. It was great that Olivia’s work was used for the Mazda ad too!

    It is too bad the PM Review is only 5 pages (which is a throwback to early PM Reviews in the ’60s), but it was nice to get 18 pages of Kate Moss. Her pictures were beautifully done.

    It does look like an excellent anniversary issue.


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