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Shanice Jordyn Miss April 2014 Playboy Playmate of the Month

Shanice Jordyn tweeted that she will be Miss April





9 comments to Shanice Jordyn Miss April 2014 Playboy Playmate of the Month

  • She’s ugly. Playboy continues to waste our time with unattractive women. I’m still trying to recover from Kate Moss.

    I wouldn’t call her ugly – I just wouldn’t call her PM worthy. I have a tough time looking at her and seeing she will be a PM and someone like Laura Lynn, one of the most naturally beautiful women I have ever seen – will probably never be a PM. This makes NO sense at all

    Her Twitter handle is:


  • Athanatophobos

    Ugly ,

    I think she’is very beautiful and I’ve loved the 2014 PoM sofar.

  • Deepak

    I am not as big a fan of Laura Lynn as Erik but I have to say that it bugs me that some very worthy ladies are not being given the Playmate opportunity and that too in spite of having contributed to Playboy in the past. If she is top quality and has already contributed to your brand the least that she deserves is a chance, say a Playmate test. Unfortunately the selections seem to be becoming more and more political. Still it seems someone up there does care about these guys because in spite of all these inconsistencies and machinations in three years they still managed to find all of Jaclyn Swedberg, Amanda Cerny, Ciara Price, Shelby Chesnes and Alyssa Arce to name just five of the very best of recent times. How the hell do they continue to do that. Beats me.

  • The one girl that I thought would be a Playmate was Sarah Porchetta. She appeared as Coed of the Month and in some Playboy special editions.

  • paul

    this lady reminds me or misty stone the porn star. who is one of my favorites.

  • jarze

    Shanice not PM-worthy? I see her as good as Lynn, Price, Arce and Porchetta, and better than Swedberg, Cerny and Chesnes. But then that’s just me.

  • playmatelover

    She’s a hottie. Like Squeeze sang it, black coffee in bed. Sweeeeeeet!!!!!

  • Walter Seward

    Playboy has gone down hill recently , With all the double issues and a lot of the Playmates, though most are nice looking, are not Built like Playmates of years gone by. C to DD cups, with nice hips.

  • Ranch Mubay

    I’m a big fan of Playboy and Playmates, especially the athletic ones. Shanice is wonderful. I remember her from the Pac 10 issue, she’s beautiful. I love her PMOM pictorial and the photos on this page. I think she’d also make a great Playmate of the Year. Absolutely my favorite Playmate so far this year.

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